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Clean your house to clear your mind!

Many of us wish we were more organized in our lives because we have so much going on in our heads that it overwhelms us. Often, this results in keeping us from actually getting things done.

However, a great solution to this problem is to start with cleaning your house, as when you clean your house it frees up energy for you to focus on what is more important and make way for the important tasks that you have to get done.

A messy house is not only taking up space in the house, it is also taking up your metal space, thus clean your house to clear your mind.

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Ramadan WELCOME RAMADAN WITH A CLEAN SLATE Clear the way for more blessings with a thorough Ramadan cleaning A clean home greatly helps nurture pure hearts and clear souls. As Ramadan draws near, it’s now time to make room for the coming of new blessings by clearing out old clutter. By re-organizing your home and relegating the accumulated dirt and disorder of the past year to the trash bin, you will find it easier to focus your attention to the most important aspects of the Ramadan celebrations. It might even surprise you how going through each room in the house will help you appreciate the spirit of the season even more. It’s time to reflect. And figuratively speaking, looking inside yourself through “stained” windows might make the task a bit more difficult. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to create a space that eliminates distractions and is conducive to peaceful reflection:

  • Organise your shelves from top to bottom. Looking at clutter while you’re trying to pray or think will only disturb and divide your attention.
  • Clear your space by throwing out those old newspapers and magazines, broken knick-knacks and decorations as well as those take-out menus that always seem to magically appear under your apartment door.

It’s time to give back. Charity begins at home. It is also where you can find a trove of items that you may no longer want but are very much needed by other less fortunate people. Involve the entire family to help fulfil this highly valuable Ramadan duty of giving back.

  • Teach your kids the value of charity is by making them part of the experience. Ask them to go through their toys and books and choose the ones they think other kids will enjoy.
  • Go through each member of your family’s wardrobe and take out all the clothes, shoes and bags that they have already outgrown or no longer use.
  • Re-organise your linen closet and pick out the sheets, towels and blankets that have been stored there unused and forgotten.
  • Check your pantry and take out those extra preserved foods or canned goods that you always feel compelled to buy but never actually consume.
  • Discuss with your family the different types of charitable institutions that you can give your donations to. By acknowledging the importance of their opinions, they will feel more invested and appreciative of the value of making charitable actions.

It’s time to celebrate. Whether you’re fasting, praying, reflecting or traveling this holy season, may everything you do lead up to a joyful celebration of renewed faith, spirit and hope. We at Metropolitan Maids wishes all of you a blessed Ramadan and pray that the spirit of the season will always sparkle and shine bright in your homes all year round.

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